Knock, knock…

Hi there.  My name is Jenna.  And I’m addicted to salvaged architectural items.  There, I said it. Why the addiction, you ask?  Or maybe the question is actually “What the heck is architectural salvage?”  Well, that’s a topic that’s new to me too.  See – it all started with the idea that we would build a modest little house on our modest little farm, with our scrappy group of farm animals looking on.  In the process of considering the house build, a deeply buried aesthetic emerged.  Turns out I’m smitten with all things antique, industrial, and sturdy.  If something was created more than 50 years ago for an architectural purpose, then there’s a good chance I’m gonna want to put it into the house that still has not been built.

It’s a strange journey, this.  Not quite sure how it started or where it’s going – but if you’ve got a thing for re-purposed and recycled pieces of a home – then you might as well come along for the ride.